Motorbike, Quad & Cycle Trailers

These are task specific trailers capable of transporting various different size vehicles. They include a Range of Motorbike Trailers, Quad Trailers and Bicycle Trailers. Single, Twin and 3 bike trailers to suit scramblers, Sportsbikes and Harley style Bikes. Single and Double Quad Bike Trailers custom made to suit your requirements. Optional extras include mounting rails, rails with arches, Quad kits and non-slip floors.

The Erde Self Assembly Multi Purpose Chassis has many options to tailor it to your exact needs. Popular combinations include fitting loading rails to normally carry one or two motor bikes, a plyboard base to create a flat bed trailer and the Erd quad pack allowing a quad bike to be transported.

The Lider Flatbed Range of Flatbed Trailers

There are 6 variations of flatbed trailer in the Plateau / flat bed range. Features include: removable sides, mesh extension sides, flat cover, high cover with frame, shock absorbers, spare wheel and carrier, etc.

The Lider Motorcycle Range of Motorbike and Quad Trailers

A range of motorcycle trailers to carry a single bike, 2 or 3 bikes, or a quad bike, all with built-in lights and many optional features. The bike trailers comes standard with one rail with arch and mounting rail to accommodate one bike. Its possible to buy more rails to increase the carrying capacity. In an attempt to keep delivery charges low we reduce the size of the unit, and as such some basic construction is required.

The Lider Quad Range of Motorbike and Quad Trailers

The QT Purpose built Quad bike Transporter trailer is ready made and specifically designed for transporting your quad. The modular construction, lowered chassis and wide clear frame make this the ideal solution for transporting compact tractors or quad vehicles.

TW Motorcycle Range

The TW bike trailer is suitable for transporting up to three motorcycles or even a quad bike. This trailer has a gross capacity 750kg un-braked.