Flatbed Trailers

This category includes a diverse range of flatbed trailers including a basic platform with removable sides, cargo high-bed with full sliding curtain sides, and turntable trailers with pivoting front axles for aiding manoeuvrability. Multipurpose in use, there are trailers in this range suitable for construction, transport, municipal, forestry & Flatbed landscaping industries, amongst others. With or without beaver tail and sides, with wheels underneath and in various lengths and widths.

The Lider Flatbed Range of Flatbed Trailers

There are 6 variations of flatbed trailer in the Plateau / flat bed range. Features include: removable sides, mesh extension sides, flat cover, high cover with frame, shock absorbers, spare wheel and carrier, etc.

The TM Flatbed Range of Flatbed Trailers

Extremely capable and adaptable 2 Metre (6 ft 6 in) Wide Flat Bed trailers for all load carrying duties.

The Tilt Bed Trailer chassis is fitted with heavy duty, low maintenance rubber torsion axles. The suspension has been proven in the construction plant industry and it has excellent ride characteristics to cope with operation in both laden and unladen conditions.

The TW Flatbed Range of Flatbed Trailers

This is a very versatile and robust trailer which comes and an option of fixed frame and tilt bed for low-loading. The centre decking is made with resin-coated timber. Ramps are located beneath the flooring which once pulled out can be adjusted for vehicle track.